03 July 2014

Summer Interlude

There's just been so much going on in the political and legal arena. I want to write about it all, but I don't know where to start.

I wrote about the Hobby Lobby situation last April, when it first came to my attention, and I anticipated the Court's recent decision in a post on my blog's Facebook page last November. (What? You're not following me on Facebook? I spent a whole evening figuring out how to make that easy - check out the links on the right sidebar to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Ravelry, so you don't miss a thing.) I have just finished reading the Hobby Lobby decision, and I will write more about it in the coming weeks, if my readers are interested in the issue.

Yesterday, I attended a rally with the New Jersey chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America at the offices of Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen in Morristown. (You can see a picture of our rally on nj.com. I'm in the bright blue shirt and black pants at the far right of the picture. The far right. Ha. See what I did there?) We delivered over 3,300 postcards from citizens who support stronger federal regulation over the sale, purchase, keeping, and carrying of firearms by civilians. We believe that strong federal laws will curb the cross-border transactions that now make New Jersey's current gun laws, among the strictest in the nation, virtually useless. I'll keep caring about this issue until we can reduce the current rate of 32 dead Americans PER DAY as a result of gun violence. (My source: the Brady Campaign.) As you know if you're a loyal reader, my daughter and husband came close last November to being a part of that statistic at our local mall. We still live with the nightmares. Maybe we always will.

On a more personal note, summer has arrived with all the enthusiasm that this past winter had, and my dogs and I are trying to keep cool. I spend my days doing legal research and writing; my spare time is spent mostly knitting and reading. (All the sonograms are coming up girl this season, and I am busily making a bunch of lacy baby blankets for friends. I'll post pictures when they have been received by their owners, but I think you'll like them.) I am also tending a few pots of herbs and tomatoes, and my pumpkins, string beans, and peppers are so far withstanding the heat fairly well.

The two younger kids are in the Adirondacks as usual, one of them as a camp counselor and the other in his final year as a camper. My oldest, home from college, is working hard for the Red Cross and is also picking up early-morning shifts at a local bagel shop for some pocket money. I have been trying to choose the bike over the scooter as much as I can, because, while I'm not paid to look good, I am quite concerned about my health. And I've always loved bicycling, so why not do something I enjoy?

My oldest (left) and youngest (right) on their last evening together for the summer.
He was off to camp the next morning, and she's working hard from home.

Meanwhile, The Newburgh Sting, the documentary that features my husband and the sort of work we do in our law office, premieres on HBO on July 21. If you are interested in learning about the issues covered by the film (terrorism sting cases), or the general issues with which we deal, or if you just feel like stalking us, please check your local listings. The film is an eye-opener, and it's generated a lot of buzz at all the festivals.

Stay cool - or, if you're one of my Southern Hemisphere friends, stay warm - and I'll be back soon.

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