05 April 2014


My husband and I are both graduates of Dartmouth College - that's where we met - and we're members of the Dartmouth Lawyers Association. The DLA is supposed to be a professional affinity group, but I'll tell you a secret: it's really a loose-knit group of avid skiers who travel to a different ski resort every year with their families and renew their friendships over apr├ęs-ski drinks and continuing legal education lectures.

We've been to Colorado, Utah, California, and even Switzerland together. And this year, we went to Alaska.

That's right. Our meeting was in a beautiful ski resort called Alyeska, not too far from Anchorage.

On our way out, we flew from Newark to Minneapolis, and then from Minneapolis to Anchorage. We stayed two days and two nights in the city before driving out to Alyeska for our meeting. In those two days and nights, we got to see just about everything Anchorage has to offer:

Me at the starting line of the Iditarod Trail Race, the famous dogsledding race from Anchorage to Nome.
We saw the mushers and their teams take off at the beginning of the race!
Making friends with one of the racers!

A reindeer on a leash in downtown Anchorage.
Things you don't really get to see in New Jersey.

After Anchorage, we drove along the Seward Inlet to Alyeska, taking in incredible views of the Chugatch Mountain Range in the fog.

Our hotel lobby featured a life-sized diorama of a polar bear in his native habitat.

We spent some time skiing in the beautiful mountains right outside the hotel.

One of the best things about skiing is the lunch breaks: you are burning tons of calories on the slopes, so you can have whatever you want for lunch. In Alyeska, the view was the icing on the cake - almost literally. But the best part was the company, of course.

Yes, I made that sweater I'm wearing.

We even had a chance to go snowmobiling one afternoon. Snowmobiling is like motorcycling or jet-skiing, but on the snow. It's a really wonderful way to get out of the resort and see the natural beauty of the interior forest areas.

Me on my snowmobile

Lunch break on the trail

It was a wonderful (if long) trip. I learned a lot about the 49th state and a little bit about its laws. Did you travel this winter, or did you stay home where it was warm and cozy? Where would you go next if you could?


hbksloss said...

We would love to go to Alaska, but I think we will do it in the summer. Your photos are great, but they look cold!

This 'winter' we are living in Melbourne, Australia, enjoying a 2nd summer (and now fall). We are using it as a spring board to visit all sorts of places in this part of the world. I have been writing about our travels and adding it to my blog. Kind of makes me think it would have been fun to become travel blogger or agent. Oh well, another lifetime. Would love to know what you think of the travel posts if you have the time: http://www.themagicofmothering.com/australia/

Jennifer Arlin said...

It looks cold, but it was actually warmer there than it was in New Jersey!

Enjoy Australia. I was there on my honeymoon many, um, moons ago. I agree that it would be fun to be a travel blogger, but not while one is a mother of small children. Then, I think it would be incredibly stressful! I'll pop over to your blog to take a look; thank you!

Justine Levine said...

I was actually in Alyeska, many summers ago when I was in grad school ... I hiked up the ski slope, and marveled at the view from up there! I was traveling from Anchorage to Seward back up to Denali and back to Anchorage, just for fun. I'd go back in heartbeat ... it was an astonishingly lovely place, with some remarkable people. :) Thanks for sharing your journey!