20 February 2014

Snowy Winter

Well, hello, there, readers. It's been a while since I have written anything in this space, and I apologize if I have left you hanging. It's been a very snowy and busy winter here in our little hamlet on the Hudson.

Since we last spoke, Becky and Sam have recovered pretty well from the trauma of the night at the mall. But, like most trauma, it's an experience you never really recover from. You just learn to deal with it as you figure out a way to move forward. I have dealt with it mostly by renewing my interest in gun control, as you probably know if you follow me on Twitter. (What? You don't follow me on Twitter?)

I did a lot of knitting this winter, making a number of Christmas presents and baby blankets, and, more recently, figuring out how to make a sweater from the top down (a technique that I love because of its ease and speed). I'm going to add my favorite top-down sweater pattern book to the sidebar here, in case you are a knitter and feel like giving it a try.

Top-down Fair Isle sweater for Becky
Here she is wearing it, so you can see the detail.

I became obsessed for a short time with knitting gloves, particularly the fingerless type. They are quick and fun to make, and they leave young people's hands free for texting and typing. The basic pattern can be adapted to fit just about anyone's personality, and, as with homemade socks, the possibilities are endless:

Valentine cable mitts
Bobby mitts (in a seeded rib pattern)

Maggie mitts (mistake rib pattern)
Maggie mitts in a hand-dyed wool
Sarah mitts, with a ring cable pattern

I've also been working - I still have that day job, practicing law. And I've been shoveling snow. It really has been extremely snowy here, more so than in most recent years that I can recall. I love the snow and think it's beautiful, but I do worry about people who have to drive in it, and I also personally have a tendency to fall a lot on the ice if I'm not careful. So far, I haven't injured myself, but, as my son pointed out yesterday, there's still time.

I'll leave you, for the time being, with a picture of a lace baby blanket I knitted for a little girl born in January. It's one of the projects of which I am most proud. I love how her little foot sticks out under the lace.

That's all for now. I promise I'll be back soon. Stay warm!