16 March 2013


I think, of all the early spring bulbs, the snowdrops are my favorites.

They come up at the end of February or the beginning of March, right through the snow and ice, regardless of what's falling from the sky. I never planted them - they came with my house when we bought it twenty years ago, and they have propagated randomly all over what I like to refer to as the South Lawn. They pop up without warning, without reason, without an organized plan.

They always come right when I need them.

Because in November and December, there is nothing more magical than a snowstorm. We stand in the street, marveling at the magic, spinning and trying to catch the flakes on our tongues. But in March, there is nothing more unwelcome than a driveway that needs to be shoveled and a car that needs to be cleared off. By March, we are ready for the flowers. Most of them aren't ready for us, though. They need a few more weeks to make their heady, joyful appearance.

Except for the snowdrops.

I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show again this year with my sister, mom, and dear friends, and it put me in a flowery mood. Right about now, I want nothing more than a riotous garden of color, a sign that new and beautiful life is possible - inevitable - after the deep slumber of winter.

Here are some things I am working on while waiting for signs of life:

Green wooly socks. My feet are always cold, even in March. These should help.

A mint-green lace scarf designed by Aimee Alexander of polkadotsheep.com.
 I think the pattern looks like owls' faces - what do you think?

A cotton lace baby blanket for my friend's nephew (designed by the same lady who designed the scarf, actually).
The picture doesn't do the color justice - it is the most exquisite shade of marine blue.
I'll post another photo when it's finished.
(And yes, that's what I look like in real life. A little happy, a little disheveled, a little in need of a haircut.)

What is the weather doing in your part of the world? What are the signs of season change that you look forward to most? Or least?