21 September 2012

Where In The World

Okay, enough ranting and sadness and taking offense. Sorry about that. Wait, no, I'm not sorry I said all that. I'm just moving on, back to my blog challenge. Today I am supposed to write about where in the world I would live, if I could live anywhere at all.

I think my first choice would be a ski chalet in Park City, Utah. Preferably one of those beautiful houses on the slopes at Deer Valley. When we ski there, I always pause outside the big post-and-beam houses and imagine myself waking up in one of them, taking a hot cup of tea out onto the veranda, and, with my dog by my side, watching the skiers go by. I have actually never been in Utah in any season other than winter, so all of my Utah fantasies have to do with snow and ice, big fluffy blankets, warm nights by the fire, and season passes. I understand, however, that it is equally beautiful there in warm weather. I could hike and swim and ride my little scooter all over the place. I am certain that I would be very, very happy there.

That's sort of boring and short for a blog post, but that's it. In case anyone is feeling like buying me a gift, I'd be happy to take one of those $50 million houses in Deer Valley. Everyone would be welcome to visit me anytime. It would be the least I could do.

I'd be interested in hearing from my readers about where they would live and why. Have you ever been somewhere that's tugged you back? Or dreamed of living somewhere you've not yet been?


Liene said...

I was just in Park City - of course my experience was more desert (I took a side trip to Arches NP) so this snow imagery has got me confused!

Rev. K.T. said...

I would want to live near friends. If I could add something more, I would hope for mountains, oceans, chalets, beaches, local communities that care for one another, etc. Ashville, NC was pretty impressive. I've never been to Utah, but always wanted to go. Albuquerque was amazing, but hot during the summer and quite impoverished. Switzerland would be fine. I love Lake Erie for tourism and history. I love Lake Charles for rest and respite.