19 September 2012

Profound Goals

I did not write in response to yesterday's prompt, and I'll tell you why.  The prompt was to write about "the most profound thing to happen in your life today."  First of all, I generally write early in the morning, because that's the time when I can best concentrate and when I have the fewest distractions. And there is no way I can write about the most profound thing that's happened in my day before my day has even happened yet. By 9:00 yesterday morning, the most profound thing that had happened in my house was the making of a pot of coffee.
Secondly, as the day went on, absolutely nothing profound happened. In my town, schools were closed yesterday and the day before for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. We don't celebrate Rosh Hashanah, so the kids slept late yesterday and spent their day relaxing. Someone had a friend stay overnight; someone finished an English paper; and someone did nothing of any moment that I can remember. The weather was bad; in between cloudbursts, high winds caused branches and power lines to fall all over town.  Our neighbors lost power temporarily. My husband worked a normal day; the kids and I went out for lunch. In the evening, the two younger kids saw "Paranorman." (One of them loved it and the other thought it was "creepy.") Nothing out of the ordinary or particularly profound went on here.
Today's blog prompt is to list five short-term personal goals.  That's easier because it's more mundane and, for me, doesn't require a lot of thought.  Here are my personal goals:
1.  I need to get into better physical shape. You've read about this in this space before and it shouldn't come as a surprise that my sedentary and well-nourished lifestyle have not helped me in this regard.
2.  I am attending my first-ever blogging conference this Saturday. I am looking forward to making some new connections and learning how to use Triberr, an online service that increases readership for blogs. I am also nervous about what to wear, how to get there, and whether everyone else in attendance will think I'm a total Luddite amateur. Some of these concerns are legitimate and some are not.
3.  I have two memoranda of law and a will that need to be completed by the end of next week. They are all in progress, but I worry that they won't get finished by deadline. (Deadline is, of course, a bad word to use in connection with the drafting of a will, but there it is.)
4.  I need to establish some rules about the excessive playing of video games in my household. I'm not a video gamer, so I guess I don't understand how someone can spend an entire day doing nothing else. On the other hand, I'm the mom, and I am entitled for no other reason than that to establish oppressive rules about things I don't understand.
5. I need to write more. It would be a good idea to get out in front of the daily prompt situation, so that I don't have to write hasty two-at-a-time posts like this one. I owe at least one thank-you note that I can think of. And maybe I should get around to at least outlining that brilliant novel that lives in my head.
In the midst of all this, I need to turn 46 without incident and without getting too depressed about my failure to achieve my short- and long-term goals. With any luck, that will happen next week with as little fanfare as possible.
Did anything profound happen to you yesterday? What are your short-term goals for the next couple of weeks?


jhl said...

What blogging conference are you going to? You'll be great ... just be yourself, and remember that everyone is there to learn, too. Maybe when you get back you can teach me about Triberr too. ;)

Profound? No, that word does not describe my life these days ...

Jennifer Arlin said...

jhl, would you be kind enough to send me (jenniferbarlin@gmail.com) a non-public way to reach you? I will tell you more about the conference, and I'd love to arrange for a post-conference debriefing!