20 September 2012

Desert Island

Today, my assignment is to tell you which three items I'd want to have with me if I were trapped on a desert island.

I am going to assume, for purposes of this assignment, that people and animals are not eligible to be brought along. By so assuming, I avoid hurting the feelings of (a) the FOUR other people who live in my household, (b) my mom, and (c) Sparky the Wonder Dog. I should note that Sparky would be the most hurt of all if I didn't bring him along - not because he loves desert islands, but because he loves to go on road trips. He doesn't care about the destination; for Sparky, life is all about the journey. He is majorly offended if I so much as go to the supermarket without him.

Anyway, back to my assignment. The first thing I'd like to have with me is my Kindle. I'd finally be able to finish the Fifty Shades trilogy, and because I'd be alone on a desert island, no one would be around to make fun of me for reading it. And without laundry to do, dinner to cook, carpool to drive, or house to clean, I'd finally be able to reread the classics.  My Kindle also has a Scrabble application on it, which would come in handy since I have yet to beat my husband's cousin at that game. With unlimited, uninterrupted time, I'm pretty sure I could eventually bury him with my brilliance.

Second, I'd like to have a solar charger for my Kindle. I assume my reasons for this are obvious.

And third, I'd like to have my knitting bag. If I had the opportunity before being sent off to the island, I'd stuff it with as much yarn and as many different needles as possible. I currently have three baby blankets that need finishing, and I'm three-quarters of the way through the first of a pair of socks. If the island is warm and I need neither blankets nor socks for myself, I'd just knit a big pile of gifts and hang onto them until I got rescued. With any luck, I'd finally have enough time to knit for everyone in my life who deserves it. (That's a lot of people.)

Here's a short list of things I would not bring.

1. Food. Because I watched a lot of Gilligan's Island as a kid, I know that there's a veritable banquet of fruit and fish available on desert islands. Imagine the weight I'd lose if I were deprived of Cheez-Its for the duration of my stay and forced to eat only healthy yummy stuff.

2. Exercise equipment. Because of the lack of snacks, I wouldn't need it.

3. My phone. I'd have a pretty good excuse not to answer it, so why not take advantage and leave it behind?

Finally, if, by some weird glitch, I were actually allowed to bring FOUR things with me, Sparky would probably win. Sorry, Mom.

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