02 January 2012

Goals for the New Year

1.  Finally kick that bottle of calcium supplements that's been sitting on my kitchen windowsill for longer than I'd like to admit.  I've taken a couple of serious falls in the past year, one of which involved a broken shoulder.  The broken bone itself wasn't that big of a deal - it was the nine months of physical therapy that followed to regain use of my right arm.  I don't feel like doing that again.

2.  It appears that my fourth child is going to be a novel.  I'd like my manuscript to be well underway by the end of March, when my other fourth child would have been born.

3.  Less Facebook, more face-to-face time.  If I have time to Facebook, I have time to meet my friend for coffee or lunch, or just pick up the phone.

4.  This is a repeat from last year, but it's become more urgent.  I am going to lose those extra pounds.  (My husband:  "Don't feel bad about repeating this one.  All the best resolutions come up year after year.")

5.  Live more leanly.  I seem to go through periods where I am hemorrhaging money, for no good reason.  It's not like I earn tons of money, so this is something I need to keep a close eye on.  One of the things I can do to make this happen is a lot more cooking at home and a lot less stumbling into the diner at 8 P.M.  Watch this space for recipes.  The blog, after all, is called "Still Life With Crockpot."

6.  Stop picking fights with people who are less, um, intellectually gifted than I am.  I am not going to change them, so it's wasted effort and it just annoys them.  And me.  And it probably generates a whole metric ton of bad karma every time I do it.  Related goal:  unload the bad karma.

7.  Try to yell at my kids less and hug them more.  I'm actually not a big yeller, and I think I'm pretty patient most of the time.  But there is always room for improvement in this area.  My oldest will be off to college in less than two years, and I'd like to have lots of hugs to remember.  They are spectacular kids, and they deserve to know how much I love them.

8.  Spend more time with Sparky the Wonder Dog.  He too is at the halfway point of his life, and he too needs plenty of attention to get him through the coming years.

9.  Find more writers whose work I admire, and emulate them.  Pester them for assistance, if necessary.

10.  Remind my husband how much I appreciate him.  This is another one that comes up every year, as it should.  He's a good and patient guy, and I'm lucky to have him around.


laxsupermom said...

I haven't come up with resolutions for this year, yet, but I really like your #7. My oldest will also be leaving for college in only a few years, and I really need to hug him more. Thanks for sharing.

michele said...

i have a friend who dubbed the year following her divorce her "year of yes"... to the best of my ability i am going to emulate that. i have a lot of depression and i get caught up in the oh i can't do that i'm just to tired to get out of bed... so i'm going to work on that... would love to write more also... but still haven't thought about "resolution" per se.
please keep blogging... i write and all that comes out is how much weight i want to lose
michele "miki"

Jane said...

All laudable goals, Jennie - good luck! I must remember to focus on #10 as well, amid the noise and clamour of life with our 3 pixies ☺. J x

Laura D said...

Liking the assertiveness here. Love the birthing plan for the book. Of course, I want in on that as it develops. Agree with all above: appreciating (kids, husband), taking inventory and vitamins, and maximizing existing funds vs. the money madne$$. But what I love best here is the bit about not engaging those who only drive us mad. So honest. So true. A variation on don't let the turkeys...yada yada. Finally, I agree with the facetime rule, especially where we're concerned. See you this week or next? xox