28 September 2011


All the images you have in your head of Spain - from childhood geography classes, from travel posters, from history classes, from old opera records - they are all of Seville.

This is a seriously beautiful place.  The sun shines brightly and unceasingly; in August, the temperature hovers regularly around 40.  Sevillians are unfazed; they rest at the hottest part of the day, and then gather at outdoor cafes where a fine mist, distributed by overhead pipes, keeps them cool.  At night, they dance and drink local wine, and nibble on local olives and fish.

Cold water with lemon slices, and plenty of olive oil and vinegar.

My husband wants to move here.

Me, with one of my beautiful daughters, enjoying breakfast at a misty cafe.

In the orange grove near the cathedral.

We spent our twentieth wedding anniversary in this beautiful place.  We - all five of us - took a tour of the town in a horse-drawn carriage, starting at the cathedral square and ending at a flamenco show.

One of the doors to the cathedral.

The lovely young man and horse who showed us around their native city.

By the end of our stay in Seville, I was exhausted but happy.  Bobby had developed a cold, and I could tell it was going to be a bad one; his ears were hurting, and he wanted to do nothing but sleep.  I figured that made two of us.  Our next stop was Granada, and Bobby and I both slept the whole way there.

Good night, Seville.

Coming up:  things get interesting at the Alhambra.


Doreen Grace said...

Seville looks like a very romantic city to visit. Now I want to go there. :) Thanks for sharing your travels.

shopannies said...

looks like an awesome place beautiful