08 May 2011

To Mothers

Here's to the silent heroines of everyday life.

Here's to our mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, sisters, girlfriends, and aunties.  To our godmothers, our teachers, our mentors, our partners, and our wives.

Here's to the women who gave birth to us and adopted us, and who married our fathers.  Those who live in freedom, and became mothers by choice, and those who don't, who had no say in the matter.  Those who fight for custody.  Those whose prayers to become parents have not been answered, and those whose have.  Those who have shouldered the responsibility without complaint.

Here's to those who parent with a partner, and those who go it alone.  To those who stay at home, and to those who work elsewhere.  We know you all earn a living for your families.

To those with tiny newborns, who would give anything for a rest.  To those with toddlers, who wish for peace and quiet.  To those with teenagers, watching them test their wings, and catching them when they fall.  To those who help with the math homework, who waitress late into the night to pay the college tuition, and who pace their empty nests because the worry never goes away.  To those who babysit the grandkids.  And to those with elderly parents, who care for them without complaint. 

To those who pack lunches, drag us to worship services, mend our clothes, dry our tears, and (sometimes) cause them.  To those who cook, and those who order in.

To those who visit their children in jail, in the hospital, or in far-off places.  To those who, despite their docile nature, have ever screamed at a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a lawyer, a legislator, or a learning specialist.  Here's to those who march and lobby, who raise funds and write and complain.  We know you do it only out of love.

To those who mourn and spend their long nights wondering what could have been.  To those who have gone on to their rest.  To those who have lost the irreplaceable - on the battlefield, in the intensive care unit, and in the delivery room.  To those who will never be the same.

To those who receive diamonds today, to those who receive hand-scribbled cards, and to those who receive nothing.

Here's to women everywhere.  To feminists and traditionalists.  To those on the cutting edge, and to those who hang back.  We owe you everything.  Thank you.


laurie said...

such a lovely post,, tender words,, you left no one out,,Happy Day to you as well,

laxsupermom said...

What a beautiful tribute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

CHEERS to that! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

Rev. K.T. said...

I like this a lot. I would add "to those who are frustrated by schedules that ask more than can be given and to those who only wish they could make enough money to give their children the busy schedule of dance classes and playdates." Thanks for the big picture.

sdkeeling.com said...

Thoughtful and beautiful. And I like Rev. K.T.'s additions.