17 May 2011

A Brief Multiple Choice Quiz

1.  Jennie hasn’t posted on her blog in a while because:

a)  Blogger went down last week
b)  She’s lazy
c)  There’s a lot going on
d)  All of the above

2.  The panhandler’s sign at the deli yesterday said:

a)  “Parents killed by ninjas.  Need money for karate lessons for revenge.”
b)  “Give to the United Negro Pizza Fund.”
c)  “My unemployment ran out.”
d)  “Support my addiction now or pay for my rehab later - your choice.”

3.  My daughter had a substitute in math class yesterday because the regular teacher was on a:

a)  Jury
b)  Bender
c)  Field trip
d)  Plane

4.  As of this writing, the Yankees have lost how many games in a row?

a) Three
b) Four
c) Six
d) Five

5.  The Rapture can’t take place on Saturday because:

a) My daughter is being confirmed on Sunday and I have prepaid the caterer
b) My laundry isn’t caught up
c) The Yankees are on a losing streak
d) All of the above

6.  The substitute math teacher doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she says:

a) 1 isn’t a prime number
b) Core math students don’t ever move into the mainstream
c) Time travel is impossible
d) Algebra and geometry are unrelated

7.  According to the sages of suburbia, the most important birthday of your life is your:

a)  Hundredth
b) Sixteenth
c) First
d) Fortieth

8.  I am insulted because:

a)  The butcher thinks I don’t know that chuck steak is for the crock-pot and not the grill
b)  No one ever makes an effort to spell my name with an “ie”
c)  Both of the above
d)  None of the above

9.  I unsubscribed from a blog for the first time ever today because:

a)  The blogger unsubscribed from my blog
b)  I got sick of all the typos and bad grammar
c)  I got bored with all the fabric-covered pencil holders
d)  The blogger posted a picture of herself with Mitt Romney and said she supported his efforts to “restore America’s dignity”

10.  The guy who makes my lattes at the Starbucks across the street is named:

a)  William
b)  Carlos
c)  William Carlos Williams
d)  Jeff

Answers below.  How did you do?

1) d; 2) a; 3) c; 4) c; 5) d; 6) a; 7)b; 8)c; 9) d; 10)b


laxsupermom said...

I swear I'm not stalking you, but I got 9 of them right. Weird. Now it's your turn to guess which one I got wrong. Of course your question is harder, because you have 10 possible answers.

Ben said...

Okay then...

Dear JennIE -- was looking forward to this blog all week. Thanks for the smile and insights.

Patricia Bradley said...

Love the one about the rapture. And no matter what the "sages of suburbia" say, your fortieth is the most important, because that's when you get to start counting backwards!

Jennie said...

Laxsupermom, I have been thinking about this for a few days. I am sure you got #9 right because you probably saw the blog I'm talking about. I'm guessing it's either #6 or #3 that stumped you. Let me know!

Dan Foster - see you Sunday said...

Disagree as to number 6. I had this argument in the sixth grade with a math teacher who told me to come to the blackboard and break down 19 into its prime factors. I said it couldn't be done because it was a prime; she said its prime factors were 19 and 1. I said, for starters, you must mean 19, 1, 1, 1, and 1, like 32 is 2, 2, 2, 2, and 2. But 19 and 1 can't be the prime factors of 19, because if you can break 19 into primes 19 and 1, you can break that same 1 into primes 1 and 1. This means that if 1 is a prime, it is also a composite.
(In the same way, if 1 were a composite, it would also be a prime, because as a composite its prime factors would each also be 1.)
If 1 were the product of prime numbers, however, by definition it could not itself be a prime. Thus I conclude it is neither a prime nor a composite. It's probably just as well - if 1 were a prime, it would be impossible to break down any composite into all of its prime factors, because you'd always have to add an infinite number of 1s to whatever its (non-1) prime factors were. I would still be stuck in sixth grade trying to list all of the prime factors of 19 (which, like every prime, would actually be a composite number if it had prime factors such as itself and 1).

ps I think you write the only blog I read pretty regularly, despite not being a suburban mom myself

Jennie said...

Dan, I see your point and am willing to concede that 1 may not in fact be prime. Consider this my public retraction. Never was any good at math. :0)

Rev. K.T. said...

I really enjoyed this one. And I got quite a few right!