14 March 2011


A reminder:  tomorrow morning, I will select the winner of my first-ever Giveaway.  To participate, please click on the right to follow my blog, and then comment on my "Giveaway" post.

We all give, every day, in many ways to those we care about.  Please remember the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.  And if you are in a position to give, please do so, in any amount you can.  There are many worthy charities on the ground and ready to help.  Here are just a few links (and you can find more by Googling "Japan relief efforts"):

Doctors Without Borders; The American Red Cross; Episcopal Relief and Development; The UJA Federation's Japan Relief Fund; Catholic Relief Services; and Save the Children's Emergency Fund.  All of these organizations are legitimate, well-established, and well-run, and will take donations of any size, large or small, to help our neighbors in Japan.

(Remember that the government and people of Japan offered substantial assistance to the U.S. during Hurricane Katrina and to Haiti and New Zealand during their recent earthquakes.  We are all neighbors in this ever-shrinking world, and we all help however and whenever we can.) 

I'll post the giveaway winner tomorrow.  Good luck, and much love.

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