08 February 2011

Things I've Made

My new blogging friend Judy (DIY by Design - see her button below right) has a "Winter Blues Wednesday" party on her blog.  She encourages people to share their creativity on Wednesdays.  Though I am not yet a savvy enough blogger to know how to participate in blog parties, I thought I'd just post a few pictures.

Stained Glass Window Cookies are among my kids' favorite treats:

Here is a silk baby sweater I made for a dear friend's new daughter:

Socks for Becky (you remember Becky, from my "Math" post):

Socks for my older daughter (the one who was learning to drive in my "Accelerating" post):

A few fruit pies.  I used to be the chair of the baking booth every fall at my church's autumn fair:

That's all for tonight.  If you enjoy my blog, please sign up to follow me, or at least send me a note or post a comment.  I am extremely interested in your reactions, and I promise to respond if you ask me to!



Kathrine said...

Omg! Your fruit pies look delicious! I wish I could bake like that!
And you knitted all these things? Wow...so far I only knitted some scarves and cowls...but I'm getting there. :)

(Found your blog through Debbie's Newbie Party.)

Judy said...

You did great. Thanks so much for joining the party. It's fun, right?

Teri said...

Oh my gosh Jennie! Everything looks just beautiful! I have never seen such perfect looking cookies as those stained glass cookies! The sweater, socks and oh my those pies! You are one talented gal! Glad I found your blog! (Debbiedoos) Have a great day!

Sarah said...

I would LOVE to know how you made those adorable cookies! I've never seen anything like them. Very cool. Email me if you have a recipe! Thanks!