23 January 2011

Sunday Morning: Strangers and Friends

Ah, Sunday morning.  Eleven degrees outside.  As usual, I am up first, sipping coffee from the Union Jack mug that my friends Claire and Alan sent from England.  Hi, Claire.  Hi, Alan.  Much love from across the Pond.

People are stirring upstairs, and I have about a half hour before all hell breaks loose and we need to scramble (Where are my mittens?  Don't forget the book you promised Uncle Dave!  Hurry up!  We're going to be late!) to get to a Sunday School breakfast.

What to write about?  It may not surprise you that I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, trying to learn a little bit about the genre and how it's done.  All the major news organizations have official blogs, including some quite good ones.  I am a big fan of Nicholas Kristof, and I have been reading my college classmate Jacques Steinberg's education blog, The Choice, almost from its inception.  I also read Motherlode, the New York Times' parenting blog, with which I have a love-hate relationship, and Tara Parker-Pope's very informative and thought-provoking health blog, Well.

But the blogs that intrigue me most are the startup ones, written from the basement desktops and kitchen tables of the world.  There seem to be legions of moms out there who spend their time decorating, doing crafts, and photographing their beautiful children for the world to see.  Some of them are coping with disaster and tragedy, like Heather and Mike or Stephanie, and some are just trying to make their worlds more beautiful, like Judy, or just "blogging and blabbing," like Debbie.

Debbie and Judy have both reached out to me, having read my blog and liked it, and offered to help me get off the ground.  What kind of a person contacts a stranger through the blogosphere and offers support, sight unseen?  It is indeed a remarkable age in which we live.  That such contact is even possible, and that people find the time in their busy days for it, astounds and pleases me.

Debbie and Judy, with their eyes for style, might like my blog, but I know for sure they'd be appalled by the state of my house.

I am out of time.  I'll post something more substantive as soon as I get a chance.  Thank you for reading.  You have no idea how much I value each new follower and each precious comment.


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Judy said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I appreciate it.