02 January 2011

The New Year Begins

We're back from our little jaunt to New Hampshire for a quick ski vacation, and we've been jolted back into reality pretty quickly.  There are several things in our house that need repair (including two doors and a couple of shutters blown off their hinges by the recent snowstorm) and, as I discovered this morning as I was attempting to deal with the mountain of laundry that we brought back, we need a new washing machine.  Alas, real life returns to the suburbs of New Jersey.

My in-laws will be here momentarily to return Sparky and Trixie, whom they have been dog-sitting for the past week.  I'm looking forward to the dogs' return; the house will feel alive again.

Not everyone is up and at 'em early this morning, however.  There are teenagers still abed:

That's Sarah (15) and Becky (13).  Their younger brother Bobby (11) has escaped the camera's eye because he's sleeping over at his friend Juan's house.  Juan and Bobby's other best friend, Daisuke, are pretty much fixtures in our house; I'll post pictures of them when they emerge from their New Year's hibernation.

And so I set off to perform the tasks that must be completed before my return to work tomorrow:  a haircut, a trip to the supermarket for food for the week, pursuit of some sort of solution to the laundry problem, and maybe a little down time to knit or just to hang out with my husband.  Sam and I won't have much alone time together again until February, so I am going to savor these last few hours as much as I can.

Here he is in his Blue Devils cap.  (He asked whether he could take a picture of me, but I deferred until after my haircut.)

Happy New Year everyone!  In my next post, I'll talk about resolutions...

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