08 January 2011

Bush v. Gore

Flipping through a month-old issue of the New Yorker this morning, I was reminded that it's been ten years since the United States Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore.  Ten years!  It seems like that election happened yesterday.  I said to Sam, "Has it really been ten years?  Where did those ten years go?"

"Well, eight of them went down the toilet," he said.

"No, seriously.  Doesn't it seem like time is speeding up?"

"We were only thirty-four then.  We were young and newfangled.  Now, in five years and one month, I'll be --"

"No!  Don't say it!"

"-- eligible for AARP membership."

Did he have to say that?  I mean, was it really necessary to ruin my Saturday morning that way?  My most vivid childhood memories are from a time when my parents and almost all the grownups I knew were younger than I am now.  I distinctly and clearly remember a time when my mother wore a size six and my dad had plentiful black hair.

Well, enough moaning about the passage of time.  Yesterday's snowfall left my neighborhood looking like Narnia before Aslan's return.  Here are some pictures.  By the way, many thanks to the neighbor who cleared our sidewalk yesterday while we were otherwise occupied.  We're on a corner with significant sidewalk frontage, so whoever's responsible did us no small favor.

I had a few free minutes at work yesterday, while I was waiting for confirmation from a faraway state that I had successfully formed a new corporation.  The storm had cleared, the sky was blue again, and the sun was just starting to sink over the Hudson River.  I made myself a cup of tea and snapped a picture of the view from my office window.  You can see the incipient sunset reflected off the buildings, and a light cap of snow on the rooftops, if you are  looking carefully.

Happy Saturday everyone - whether you are resting or frantically getting things done, stay safe and enjoy the view.


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